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8 April 2015 The site has been updated to be more mobile friendly. If you are using a mobile and want to see all content in the old format, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Full Site”.

31 January 2014 HORSE RACING FORM GUIDE IMPLEMENTED : Modification to the program to highlight horses coming into races unpenalised for a win. The horse runs today with the same rating as it won under last time out. The official rating of the winning run last time out will be highlighted in green and a “U” will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the horse details box.







08 November 2013 HORSE RACING FORM GUIDE IMPLEMENTED. Further to member request form guides for horse racing will be left up for a period after racing so that users can check results after racing has finished. They will stay online for about 24 hours after the racing has finished. Remember that guides can be saved to your PC so you can have them for as long as you want.

13 July 2013 HORSE RACING FORM GUIDE. IMPLEMENTED New column headed DT for Date added to Last 10 Races – Details section. Simply shows the date of the race in MMYY format.

09 July 2013 GREYHOUND RACING FORM GUIDE. IMPLEMENTED Moving trouble in running flag to the right of the calculated time chart and adding 2 new flags. First headed “G” for grade and will show if today´s grade is different from the run under consideration. UP ARROW means dog is running in a higher grade today. DOWN ARROW means dog running in a lower grade today. The third flag column headed “O” for other will flag trial runs “T“, Handicaps “H” and races where going adjustment larger than 50 “G“. These changes are proposed to make it easier and quicker to evaluate the run shown in the charts. Please let me have your comments on this here.

27 June 2013 – IMPLEMENTED. I have been thinking of this change for a while but a race yesterday decided me. I looked at the result of the 20.50 race at Kempton (26th June 2013) The winner was Sir Boss at 25/1. I should have spotted the last all weather run for this horse as being well ahead (In Adjusted Form Section) of the most recent AW runs of the rest of them but missed it. The last, standout AW run was over course, distance and on Standard. Think it may be useful to highlight runs over same or simliar trip, going and course in the DETAILS SECTION. Same or very similar – BRIGHT BLUE.  Similar – LIGHT BLUE.

27 June 2013 – IMPLEMENTED A new column headed T for TIME to be added in the last 10 races – DETAILS section. This figure will show the winners time as a percentage above or below the RP standard time for the distance / track. Not adjusted for the going so this needs to be factored in when looking at this figure. e.g. A negative figure indicates a very fast time (it was run below standard time). A figure of 0.7 would indicate a fast time. A figure of 8.9 would indicate a slow time.

27 June 2013 – IMPLEMENTED Further to 16th May entry there are some races where all the runners are unrated. This means that the estimated class (in pounds) of the race is based upon the average for this type of race at this track. These estimates will be highlighted in bold red. Those described below (where rated runners ran) in red.

16th May 2013 – IMPLEMENTED In the Race Class (headed ´Cl´) column, class figures that are estimated (i.e. the winner´s next BHB rating is unavailable so the class of the race is estimated using the ratings of the runners in the race) are now highlighted in bright blue. This is now highlighted as caution should be taken when interpreting this figure.

14th May 2013 – IMPLEMENTED New Column added to the Last 10 Races / Details column. New column is headed ´WT´ and shows the actual weight carried in pounds for that race. Column added after member request.













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