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Visual Form Guides take a traditional greyhound form guide……

greyhound form guide






…and add a set of simple graphics to make reading the form easier and more effective.

greyhound form guide

greyhound form guide






This allows for easier identification of trends and easier comparison with other dogs.

greyhound form guide









We add unique projections such as position at the first bend and colour-coded alerts to identify trouble in running, changes in grade and poor track condition. 

greyhound form guide









Enjoy greyhound racing but think you don´t know how to read the form? Think again. Visual Form Guides make understanding dog racing form simple for everyone. 

How are Visual Form Guides different?

Easier to read form

A traditional greyhound race form guide is loaded with information. A standard racecard contains 11 data items for 5 races for 6 greyhounds = 330 pieces of data to evaluate for every race…an almost impossible task for the average race goer or punter. Our visual greyhound racing form guides show each line of data visually so that times and performances can be easily assessed and can be compared easily against the other dogs. The greyhound form guides are in pdf format and a single page contains a greyhound form guide for an individual race.

Trend and Consistency Identification

Whether a greyhound’s performances are improving or otherwise and a greyhound’s consistency are key indicators for evaluating a race. Visual Form Guides enable you to easily develop a greyhound betting strategy and identify factors such as; which dogs are improving or otherwise, which dogs are prone to meet trouble, which dogs are most consistent from the starting traps.

Colour-coded Indicators

The Visual Greyhound Form Guide also contains colour coded greyhound race data indicated to highlight races where care needs to be taken with the value of the timings because a greyhound has encountered trouble in running in that particular race. This highlighting allows the user to more easily read across the guide and assess the validity of the performances shown in other parts of the guide.

Unique Projections

Visual Greyhound Form Guides contain 4 graphics for each greyhound representing each greyhound’s last 5 races. Two of these are graphics showing sectional and calculated times. The other two are:

POSITION AT THE FIRST BEND : The expected position at the first bend is key to evaluating likely trouble (crowding, bumping etc) at this point in the race. The second chart in the greyhound Visual Form Guide uses timing information of the start and the calculated time of the race to estimate the likely positions of the greyhounds at this point.

ADJUSTED TIME : Crowding and other impediments to true running are common in dog races. Our unique Adjusted Time column adjusts running times to take crowing etc into account in an attempt to give a more accurate representation of the performance.

Our Service

Guides will be produced for Graded BAGS and BEGS meetings in the UK. This will usually cover 6 meetings a day.

2 Morning, 2 Afternoon BAGS and 2 Evening BEGS Greyhound guides will be paired combined as 1 guide and produced in chronological order so the races can be followed one after another.

Guides will be available before 10.30 am on the day of racing.


Full explanation of the Visual Form Guide and our how to read greyhound form guide is contained in the user guide below:




Sample guides in pdf format are available here :





You can click on the thumbnails below to compare the Visual Form Guide with a Traditional Guide showing greyhound racing data. They are for the same race.

Traditional Greyhound Form Guide

Visual Greyhound Form Guide

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